How to Order

Ordering your Surfplugs is easy. Follow the 3 simple steps below and you’ll be protecting your ears sooner than you think.

Surfplugs® are a custom made device that require an ear impression. This simple procedure must be carried out by a suitably qualified ear care professional. We can undertake this procedure free of charge if you visit us here at Surfplugs® or at one of our events.

Ensure you request ‘impressions’ and not ‘earplugs’. Earplugs are the finished product manufactured from the raw state impression & vary significantly in type, function & price.

Click here to find your nearest audiologist, hearing aid audiologist or hearing aid dispenser who can undertake your ear impressions. Impression costs will vary according to the audiologist and for some parts of the world. Typically expect to pay between £30 and £50 for the cost of this procedure.

When you have found your audiologist download and print these instructions and take them with you.

If you have any difficulties then do email us.

Surfplugs ear impressions are a simple painless procedure that should also include a simple ear examination & must be undertaken by a suitably qualified professional.

We can create any colour combination from single colours to a triple marbled mix. We cannot provide clear or metallic colours. Graphics options are available for an additional £10, check out pages 3, 4 and 5 of our order from re graphic options.

Ordering Information

What else do I get?

All Surfplugs® are fitted with a safety leash & supplied in a storage pouch with full fitting instructions. We keep a negative of your ear shape on file for 3 years & during this time you can order extra sets at £55.00 (singles £35.00) which includes FREE postage worldwide on all first orders (Discounted remakes Free P&P UK only).

Instructions for postage

Package the impressions in the box provided by your Audiologist to avoid them becoming crushed or misshapen in the post. Select appropriate postage as we are not responsible for any lost or damaged impressions.

Customs declarations outside the uk

We understand that you may have paid for the impressions but the commercial value of the impression is now 1p. Where customs declarations have not been made or are completed incorrectly then any fees associated with import duty and taxes will be chargeable to the sender; to ensure that this does not occur then please describe the contents of your ear impressions on any customs declaration as below:

Contents description: Ear moulds of NO commercial value Value: 1p

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