The ULTIMATE in Custom Hearing Protection

What ever your requirements we can supply, from leading brands as registered agents for Noisebreaker, Puretone and CENS®. If we already have your negative mould on file contact us and we can arrange your hearing protection.


What We Do

Here at Surfplugs® we can supply all your hearing protection needs.

We are fully trained and are certified by the British Society of Audiology in Otoscopy & Impression Taking. We can provide hearing protection in either Solid Full Shell, optional filter or discrete Completely-In-Canal Moulds, in a range of styles and colours, which can be tailored to the wearer’s personality and needs.

Custom hearing protection that meets all current UK and European safety standards for hearing protection in the workplace. With up to SNR 29dB of noise attenuation you are safe in the knowledge that your employees are protected.


Great choice for Music, in Ear Monitors, Hands Free and IPhone/Personal IPOD Moulds

Simply sound sense

Regular exposure to sound at 85dB+ can result in permanent hearing damage. So it’s easy to see why musicians and music lovers would want to protect their ears.

Puretone specialises in professional custom-made hearing protection and in-ear monitors for musicians, road crews, sound engineers, DJs and more. All our devices protect without impairing the tone or feel of the on-stage or studio sound.



The Emtec NoiseBreaker® is a personal moulded ear plug with a silicone rubber moulding which is tailor-made to an individual’s concha bowl and ear canal providing full comfort. NoiseBreakers are available in various colours, can be made metal detectable and attached together with a cord, if required.

The NoiseBreaker is designed to be worn in any noisy environment.  The personal moulded ear plugs can be worn comfortably with PPE, is a vented earplug and CE certified.


Shooting: We also supply the full range of CENS® (Custom Electronic Noise Suppressors).

We can guide you through the selection process to get the best model to suityour requirements.